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Call Mr. Brake for Monroe Shocks Las VegasHas your ride been bumpy lately? When you hit a bump or pothole in Las Vegas, do you feel a loss of control of your vehicle? You may need to have your shocks or struts checked by professional brake technicians. For the best service and quality work, replace your Shocks in Las Vegas at Mr. Brake. We also replace Struts at our Las Vegas shop. When selecting the right shocks or struts for your vehicle, we carry the top-of-the-line products such as Monroe Shocks - struts for our Las Vegas customers.

Monroe shocks are constructed using technology that automatically adjusts the automobile suspension whenever the driving conditions change. Monroe struts are a completely pre-assembled unit including the bumpers, strut mounts, coil springs, and boots, making it a quicker shock installation for Las Vegas shock and brake technicians to perform.

At Mr. Brake, we also offer Gabriel Shocks for our Las Vegas shock customers. Gabriel shocks use a G-Force Technology providing high performance giving you the greatest control of your vehicle. We carry the full line of Gabriel shocks and ready-mount struts for cars as well as light trucks and SUVs.

  Mr. Brake Specializes in Axle Repair

Best Axle Repair Las VegasThe axles are just as important to the safety of your vehicle as your brakes or tires. That's why, if you need Axle Repair in Las Vegas, bring your car or light truck to Mr. Brake. Although the most common type of axle today is the CV axle, Mr. Brake is experienced in repairing drive axles as well as straight axles.

When you need CV Axle Repair in Las Vegas, make an appointment with Mr. Brake. Depending on the severity of the axle problem, we may be able to rebuild your CV axle. If the axle damage is severe, our well-trained and professional Las Vegas automotive brake technicians are also experienced at axle replacement.

On average, CV boots and joints will last approximately 150,000 miles. However, if you experience a thumping sound, particularly when you are making a turn in your vehicle, you may need CV Boot Repair, and Las Vegas' Mr. Brake is the right place to go for this type of service. A thumping sound should always be checked out immediately to prevent complete failure of the CV joint directly caused by a boot failure. The thumping is caused when a CV boot splits, cracks, is torn, or becomes loose causing it to leak oil vital to lubricate the CV joint. Prolonged usage of your vehicle in this degraded condition will eventually make it impossible for you to drive it and will cause costly repairs. The professional technicians at Mr. Brake can solve this type of brake problem for you.

A rumbling or grinding noise, an oil leak coming from the end of an axle, or even a high-pitched squeaking sound are often a sign that a vehicle has worn hub bearings and Shocks Las Vegasneeds immediate attention in order to stop the problem before you damage your axle and boots. Replace your Hub Bearings at Las Vegas' Mr. Brake for skilled, professional, and efficient service.

Mr. Brake performs Rotor - Drum Machining for Las Vegas customers whose brake rotors and brake drums are not badly worn, have cracks, deep grooves, or the remaining rotor thickness allows for the resurfacing. Minimum allowance of rotor thickness is stamped on the rotor surface showing the minimum safe width specifications for your particular vehicle. Drums are always machine resurfaced in pairs to restore the friction surface to original smooth condition.

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