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Call Mr. Brake for ABS Anti-lock Brake Repair Las VegasIf your vehicle has Anti-Lock Brakes, Las Vegas' Mr. Brake's professional brake technicians are fully knowledgeable of all the details of servicing anti-lock brake systems whether they are integral (used in older, full-size passenger autos) or non-integral, which are used in newer vehicles. Besides providing quality service on auto 4-wheel ABS (anti-lock brakes), we also service light truck 2-wheel ABS (anti-lock brakes), which are designed to eliminate rear-wheel skids.

When it comes to your ABS, Las Vegas' Mr. Brake understands the mechanics of all anti-lock brake systems on the market. Although there is no special requirement for maintenance on your ABS,anti-lock brake system, to ensure your anti-lock brake system is working effectively, a yearly check of your anti-lock brake system can save you unexpected brake problems at an inopportune time. Part of our quality maintenance of your ABS, anti-lock brake system, is changing the brake fluid. Over time, your anti-lock brake system absorbs moisture which can cause internal corrosion in the system and may cause subsequent brake failure.

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Best Brake Repair Las VegasBrake Bleeding in Las Vegas is one of the many brake procedures performed by Mr. Brake on all types of vehicles having a standard hydraulic brake system. Our professional technicians have performed hundreds of these brake services. They are well–trained in the four methods involving brake bleeding including the two variations of pump-and-hold, vacuum, pressure, and reversed-pressure methods.

Besides bleeding your brakes with one of these reliable methods, Mr. Brake can also purge the old brake fluid and replace the brake fluid with new brake fluid which is part of the brake maintenance of a vehicle's hydraulic brake system. Whatever method your vehicle requires, we will perform the brake procedure to your complete satisfaction.

If your brake pads have excessive wear, they will begin to connect metal-to-metal which can ruin your brake rotors or drums and cause you unnecessary expense to replace. That's why it is important to check your vehicle owner's manual for brake-related recommendations, which includes how often brake pads should be replaced to avoid major brake repairs leading to more costly brake situations.

A yearly brake inspection is Mr. Brake's recommendation to eliminate major repairs and replacement parts. However, whenever you hear a high-pitched squeal or it doesn't feel right when you apply your vehicle's brakes, most likely your brake pads have excessive wear and need to be replaced.

Other problems that signal excessive brake pad wear are a grinding sound when the brakes are applied, pulling to one side of the road when depressing the brake pedal, grabbing or vibrating of the brakes; or too much give when you press down on your brake pedal. Brake Inspection Las VegasWhen you experience any of these brake problems in Las Vegas while driving your car or truck, make a brake inspection appointment at Mr. Brake today. Our highly-trained technicians have replaced numerous worn Brake Pads for our Las Vegas customers.

We understand the importance of replacing brake pads with those meeting your vehicle's OEM specifications; therefore, we only carry brake products that clearly define its particular specifications. The four general types of brake pads we carry are semi-metallic, non-abestos organic, low-metallic NAO, and ceramic for both cars and trucks. For Mercedes we carry Pagid and Jurid for BMWs.

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